WHSD? The Week in Science

Jet-setters may run the risk of long-term memory problems. A study using Syrian hamsters has shown that chronic jet lag creates persistent changes in the hippocampus, an area of the brain that plays an important role in memory processing.

A ‘Russian doll’ galaxy has revealed the true power of black holes to a group of international astronomers. Called S26, this ‘bonsai’ black hole has provided an analogue for much larger galaxies. It sits in a regular-sized galaxy (NGC 7793 ) shooting out particle jets, which have now been analysed by scientists. They suggest that black holes are far more powerful than previously thought.

A group of scientists have finally succeeded in trapping antimatter. By cooling atoms down to 272 degrees below zero in order to sufficiently slow them, researchers were able to magnetically snare 38 antihydrogen atoms for a tenth of a second.

The same face may look either male of female-depending on where it is. Neuroscientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have discovered that two identical faces may appear notably different to the brain depending on where the face appears in the visual field of the observer.

Smoking pot may suppress immune function, a study has found. An international team of scientists discovered that cannabis compounds such as the pain suppressing THC can trigger unique immune cells which promote cancer growth.

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  1. Yes. Excellent.

    This is everything that I want it to be. Perfect, mate.


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